beccy benedict felt designer maker artist

Always looking, always seeing something new. Amazed that one can look at something again and again and each time see it with new eyes.

About ten years ago I started experimenting with felt; an ancient material that has survived the tests of time and evolved in both its methods of production and its many uses throughout the world. Intrigued by its versatility and tenacity I chose to use it as an alternative material for sculpting. I pair my felted forms with other media such as metal, wood, paper and fabric, carefully balancing their qualities to give an enhanced tactile and aesthetic experience.

My sculptural practice has grown around the inspiration of borrowing small elements from nature; textures, forms, characteristics and oddities. More recently I have also become intrigued with how nature overcomes and incorporates the burdens we place upon it. Developing my own unique, abstract formations I create exquisitely crafted artwork for interior settings.

I prefer to work in natural colours of fleece and where I can I use British farmed fibres. My complementary materials are typically reclaimed and repurposed and my production methods are mostly hand and low energy processes. All this enables me to work with sustainability in mind.

Nature gives us so much to work with, why take more than we need.


Beccy Benedict. Designer. Maker. Artist.





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